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 FAQ: Employment 

  • What employment opportunities are currently available at SkIO ?
    For current available positions please see our Job Opportunities web page. 
  • What types of positions might be available?
    SkIO employs a wide variety of positions including but not limited to skilled laborers, administrative assistants, business office personnel, marine support personnel, engineers, research technicians and coordinators, lab technicians, graphic artists, interns, postdoctoral associates, and professors. 
  • I am a student and am trying to find summer employment.  Does SkIO have any summer positions?
    Temporary summer positions are announced, along with full-time positions, on our job opportunities web page (see Job opportunities link above).  Since our research labs operate all year long we employ research technicians full time, and usually don't need additional help during the summer.  Occasionally undergraduate and graduate students find summer employment in one of our labs, usually by inquiring directly with a faculty member who may have a position available.  Our most urgent need in the summer is temporary help to assist our grounds crew in the summer maintenance of the campus. 
  • Are there any volunteer positions available?
    SkIO does occasionally fill limited volunteer positions to assist the librarian.   Other volunteer positions may also be available, depending on the qualifications of the applicant.  Please call (912) 598-2400 for further information.

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