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 FAQ: General 

  • What is Skidaway Institute? Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (SkIO) is a unit of The University of Georgia that conducts leading edge research on marine and coastal systems.

  • Where is SkIO located? Directions and Maps
    SkIO is located on a 680-acre tract on Skidaway Island, about 18 miles from downtown Savannah. The location allows easy access to the open waters of the continental shelf and to the coastal estuaries, marshes, and barrier islands.  

  • What specific types of research?
    Research programs at the Institute include studies of physical, chemical, and geological processes affecting the sea floor, water chemistry and biological communities of nearshore environments, continental shelf, and open ocean; experimental and field studies of the energetics and population dynamics of marine food webs; studies of atmospheric transport to and cycling of trace elements and organic compounds in oceanic systems; and studies of marine biochemistry, toxicology, and chemical ecology.
  • Do SkIO scientists conduct research only in local waters?
    Scientists at SkIO conduct research all over the world depending on where each research project takes them. 
  • Is SkIO open to the public? 
    SkIO offers walking tours to the public by appointment.  Public seminars are offered usually twice every month and are posted on our front page under news webpage. We also open our facility to the public at our Annual Open House every Fall.
  • How is SkIO funded?
    SkIO receives a portion of its funding from the State of Georgia.  However, the majority of the funding for the research that is conducted here comes from federal agencies, state agencies and the private sector in support of specific projects and programs.
  • What else is located on the SkIO campus?
    Several other units reside on campus.  Please see our Campus Partners webpage for further information.
  • Where can I find coastal fishing charts?
    The Marine Education Center and Aquarium (MECA), located on the SkIO campus, maintains a small educational sales shop where coastal fishing charts for Chatham, McIntosh, Glynn, Camden, and Bryan/Liberty counties can be purchased.  Please call (912) 598-3325 for more info.  
  • How can I find out more about SkIO?
    Please review our website for more specific information and also contact our External Affairs office at (912) 598-2325 or SkIO's main phone number (912) 598-2400.

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