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I use this to prepare samples for X-ray microscopy. It is a very high precision cutting device that can slice samples down to 5 nanometer thicknesses. Sample thickness is completely adjustable up to 5-10 microns thickness. Samples need to either be either solid and robust or need to be embedded in some kind of matrix. I favor using elemental sulfur as a matrix because it is simple and easy to use, does not contaminate the samples with carbon or nitrogen, and sublimates away, leaving only the sliced sample. I also have a oscillating diamond knife available to dsection samples with little deformation.

HP 5890 GC/MS

This instrument is used to quantify and identify organic molecules that can be separated by gas chromatography.  It thus forms a synergistic match with the GC/C interface on the isotope ratio mass spec, which cannot ID compounds (only their isotopic ratios).


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