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Coastal Benthic Exchange Dynamics (CBED)

The CBED workshop (see below for a copy of the report) led to an NSF call for proposals, resulting in funding of the following four studies.

Kilo Nalu - Benthic Boundary Layer Geochemistry and Physics at the Kilo Nalu Observatory: Eugene Pawlak (project leader), Francis Sansone, Eric DeCarlo, Margaret McManus (all University of Hawaii) and Timothy Stanton (Naval Postgraduate School)

iBED - integrated Benthic Exchange Dynamics: Further Development of the Eddy Correlation Technique: Peter Berg (project leader, University of Virginia), Markus Huettel (Florida State University), Hans Roey and Volker Meyer (MPI)

MUDBED - MUlti-Disciplinary Benthic Exchange Dynamics: Carl Friedrichs (project leader), Robert Diaz, Courtney Harris, Steven Kuehl, Jesse McNinch (all Virginia Institute of Marine Science), Lawrence Sanford (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science) and Linda Schaffner (VIMS)

BOTTOMS UP - Benthic Observatory and Technology Testbed On the Mid Shelf - Understanding Processes: William Savidge (project leader), James Nelson, Dana Savidge, Richard Jahnke, Ann Gargett (all Skidaway Institute of Oceanography), George Voulgaris (University of South Carolina) and Tim Short (University of South Florida)

Coastal Benthic Exchange Dynamics Workshop
5 - 7 April 2004
St. Petersburg, FL

CBED high-resolution (18.4 MB)

CBED low-resolution (1.2 MB)

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