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Meteorological packages will be installed at all 6 of the remote towers. The packages will include wind speed and direction, total solar irradiance, a siphoning rain bucket, relative humidity, temperature and air pressure. These packages will be installed at the top of the communications towers.

All of the towers will measure near-surface and near-bottom conductivity, temperature, and chlorophyll-a fluorescence. At one of the masters (M1), a profiling CTD system will measure high vertical resolution profiles. It will be deployed in the same fashion as the instrumentchain but will be powered by an electric winch.

Real-time bottom-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) will be deployed at the two master towers to measure currents. The southern half of the network will also be outfitted with near-bottom in situ water samplers to collect discrete water samples for nutrient analysis.

Additional instrumentation will be deployed at several towers, including video systems to monitor adult fish populations,high-resolution video quantification of abundant zooplankton genera, atmospheric particle/aerosol collectors to study atmospheric material transport, and ocean color sensors for use in conjunction with remotely sensed imagery.

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