We're moving in!

Mike Sullivan writes: The new Marine and Coastal Science Research and Instructional Center is coming to life.  Four of our scientists, Marc Frischer, Liz Mann, Aaron Peck and Jim Nelson, are starting to move in along with their research teams. This project has been a long time coming. One of our supporters says it has… Read more »


Savannah State, SCCPSS and Skidaway Institute launch ocean literacy program

Savannah State University, the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System (SCCPSS) are joining hands to enhance science education in local schools through infusion of local research into the classrooms. The three organizations are working together in a five-year program to engage graduate marine science students from Savannah State into science… Read more »


Skidaway Institute lecture to focus on climate change and origins of life

Approximately 3.6 billion years ago, the Earth faced its greatest pollution crisis ever, and it changed the way life developed on our planet. Skidaway Institute of Oceanography professor Marc Frischer will discuss that pollution crisis and the origins of life on Earth in the next program of Skidaway Institute’s spring lecture series “Living with the… Read more »


The eagle has landed!

We have a pair of new and fairly frequent visitor to our campus. Two bald eagles have decided the cell phone antenna array on top of our water tower is a pretty good place to hang out. Usually only one of the eagles is there, but occasionally the second half of the pair comes along.… Read more »


Skidaway Institute scientists use microscopic algae to track coastal water quality

As burgeoning growth on the Georgia Coast puts additional pressure on the fragile coastal environment, scientists at the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography are researching new techniques to monitor coastal water quality. Scientists can measure water quality several ways. One method is to measure the water’s chemical characteristics, such as oxygen and nutrient concentrations. Skidaway Institute… Read more »


Great open house!

The rains held off for the most part and we had a super open house event last Saturday. The folks at the UGA aquarium kept a clicker-count. Adding a little for missed visitors, we estimate roughly 1,900 people visited the campus. Here is a small sample of some photos of the day. Paul Medders (L)from… Read more »


That's a lot of mud!

One of our scientists, Clark Alexander, just returned from two weeks in China, where he attended the 7th International Conference in Tidal Sedimentation in Qingdao, China. Prior to the meeting, he took part in a 5-day field trip which covered 1,500 kilometers along the west coast of the Yellow Sea, from Shanghai to Qingdao, where… Read more »


Cruisin' with new grad students

The class of new graduate students in the joint Skidaway Institute-Georgia Tech program went on their first, two-day, research cruise this week. The weather was a little windy so we didn’t stay off-shore very long. On Monday, we took water samples in the Savannah River and cruised offshore to the sea bouy, about 3 miles.… Read more »


More new grant $$$$

Marc Frischer (left) and Gustav Paffenhöfer (below right), along with Deidre Gibson from Hampton University, recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation to study doliolds on the South Atlantic Bight continental shelf. Doliolids are a species of gelatinous zooplankton and are one of the most poorly understood inhabitants of our continental shelf waters.… Read more »


The walls are up!

..well sort of. Work is progressing on the new laboratory building here at Skidaway Institute. Work is moving along swimmingly and actually under budget. When did that ever happen? Now if TS Hanna or Hurricane Ike don’t blow down the house of sticks, we’ll be in good shape.