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Richard Jahnke

Dr. Richard A. Jahnke
Professor Emeritus
716 14th Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368

B. S. Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1974
M. S. Oceanography, University of Washington, 1977
Ph.D. Oceanography, University of Washington, 1981

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Chair, Coastal Ocean Processes Program (CoOP) Scientific Steering Committee 2000-2009 Interim Program Director, OOI Program Office, 2005

 Selected Publications 
Jahnke, R. A., and J. O. Blanton. 2010. The Gulf Stream. In Carbon and nutrient fluxes in continental margins: A global synthesis, eds. K. K. Liu, L. Atkinson, R. Quinones, and L. Talaue-McManus, 146-169. Global Change: The IGBP Series. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.
Jahnke, D. B., and R. A. Jahnke. 2008. Dynamics of seafloor processes: Advances from benthic observing technologies. Oceanography 21: 162-163.
Jahnke, R. A. 2008. Maybe it's not just about air-water gas exchange. 2008. Oceanography 21: 42-43.
Jahnke, R. A., J. R. Nelson, M. E. Richards, C. Y. Robertson, A. M. F. Rao, and D. B. Jahnke. 2008. Benthic primary productivity on the Georgia midcontinental shelf: Benthic flux measurements and high-resolution, continuous in situ PAR records. Journal of Geophysical Research 113, C08022, doi:10.1029/2008JC004745.
Jahnke, R. A., M. R. Roman, and K. H. Brink. 2008. Coastal Ocean Processes Program: Advancing interdisciplinary research and technology development. Oceanography 21:18-21.
Savidge, W. B., A. Gargett, R. A. Jahnke, J. R. Nelson, D. K. Savidge, R. T. Short, and G. Voulgaris. 2008. Forcing and dynamics of seafloor-water column exchange on a broad continental shelf. Oceanography 21: 179-184.
Niencheski, L. F., H. L. Windom, W. S. Moore, and R. A. Jahnke. 2007. Submarine groundwater discharge of nutrients to the ocean along a coastal lagoon barrier, southern Brazil. Marine Chemistry 106: 546-561.
Rao, A. M. F., M. J. McCarthy, W. S. Gardner, and R. A. Jahnke. 2007. Respiration and denitrification in permeable continental shelf deposits on the South Atlantic Bight: Rates of carbon and nitrogen cycling from sediment column experiments. Continental Shelf Research 27: 1801-1819.
Savidge, W. B., R. A. Jahnke, J. R. Nelson, D. K. Savidge, G. Voulgaris, R. T. Short, and A. Gargett. 2007. Development of a coastal ocean benthic observatory to study sediment-water exchange processes. In Chemical Pollution and Environmental Changes, ed. S. Tanabe, H Takeoka, T. Isobe and Y. Nishibe. Tokyo: Universal Academy Press, 383-392.
Windom, H., W.S. Moore, L.F. Niencheski, and R. Jahnke. 2006. Submarine groundwater discharge: a large, previously unrecognized source of dissolved iron to the South Atlantic Ocean. Marine Chem. 102: 252-266.

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