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SRiMP- Research Team

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Marc Frischer

Marc E. Frischer - Project leader

Marc E. Frischer leads the SRiMP program.  Frischer has overall responsibility for the collection and analysis of all SRiMP data.  Frischer is also responsible for the project outreach and education components and the project website.  Frischer has been involved in the program since 1996.

Peter Verity

Peter G. Verity (deceased) - Project leader

Peter G. Verity founded the SRiMP program in 1986 and led it until his death in 2009.

Stella Berger

Stella A. Berger - Project Coordinator

Stella A. Berger joined the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography in January 2011. Since mid of 2011.Stella coordinates the SRiMP program and the team involved. She is organizing the sampling schedule and rotation, the collection and analysis of all SRiMP parameters as well as data management and quality control. Stella (together with Marc Frischer) is responsible for the project outreach, the education components and the project website. Stella’s expertise is the determination of the phytoplankton species composition using epifluorescence and inverted microscopy techniques. She is also managing the microscope facility.
Stella did her PhD in the field of Aquatic Ecology at the University of Munich (LMU), Germany, studying relationships between biotic variables and environmental drivers in pelagic freshwater ecosystems. She continued her postdoctoral research fellowship within the DFG-priority program AQUASHIFT and focused on the impact of climate variability on aquatic ecosystems. Since August 2009 she has worked as a researcher in Mesocosm Studies within the EU Project MESOAQUA at the University of Bergen, NORWAY. She will continue this work at a 40 percent until the end of 2011, working mostly remotely over the web from Savannah.

Laura Birsa

Laura Birsa - Research Associate

Laura Birsa graduated in 2006 from Saint Francis University with a B.S. in Biology/Marine Biology and in 2008 from Savannah State University with a M.S. in Marine Sciences.  Her thesis, “Temporal and spatial patterns in abundance and size of appendicularians and ctenophores in the Skidaway Estuary, and relationships to important environmental variables”, is a part of the SRiMP dataset.  Laura is a junior research associate in the Frischer lab and the senior research associate in the Nejstgaard lab.  Laura’s SRiMP duties include, but are not limited to, the weekly water collection (including ctenophore sampling), Winklers, Chlorophyll a analysis, epifluorescence microscopy, and digital still photography.  Laura joined Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and the SRiMP research team in August 2006, when Peter Verity was the project leader.  She was the senior research associate on the SRiMP from late 2008 until mid 2011.
Tina Walters

Tina Walters - Research Associate

Tina Walters graduated in 1997 from Armstrong Atlantic State University with a B.S. in Chemistry and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Marine Sciences at Savannah State University. Tina is a senior research associate in the Frischer laboratory group.  Tina’s SRiMP duties include monthly routine dock water sampling for water quality using microbial indicators. These include total, coliform and bioluminescent bacteria.  Tina also processes dock water samples for DNA and RNA analyses using molecular biology methods in order to investigate the changes in the bacterial community structure over time in the Skidaway River Estuary.
Victoria Baylor

Victoria Baylor - Research Associate

Victoria Baylor graduated from Savannah State University with a B.S. in Marine Science in 2001. Victoria is a senior research associate in the Frischer laboratory group.  Victoria’s SRiMP duties include weekly routine sampling and processing of bacterial samples and assuring that all materials and equipment required are available and functional.
Megan Thompson

Megan Thompson - Research Associate

Megan Thompson received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Iowa in 2002. Megan is a research associate in the Frischer laboratory group and participates in weekly routine sampling of hydrographic parameters and sampling processing including all physical, chemical and biological parameters.

SRiMP- Research Team Associates

LaGina Frazier

LaGina Frazier – Graduate Student

LaGina joined the Frischer laboratory group as an undergraduate intern through Savannah State University and is continuing as a graduate student pursuing a M.S. in Marine Sciences. LaGina assists the SRiMP research team in the processing of bacterial and biological samples.

Zachary Tait

Zachary Tait – Graduate Student

Zachary received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from North Carolina State University in 2006.  Zachary is currently pursuing a marine sciences graduate degree at Savannah State University with a focus on the biological and chemical processes that climate change might affect in the coastal Arctic Ocean.  He will participate in the SRiMP project by analyzing dissolved inorganic and organic nutrients from the sample area.

Nancy Tenenbaum

Nancy Tenenbaum – Volunteer

Nancy graduated from Emory University with a BA in Clinical Psychology.  She also has a legal research post BA from Georgetown University. In January 2010, Nancy joined SKIO as a volunteer citizen scientist. Currently Nancy is involved with the Doliolid research, the Lake George Phytoplankton 2009 mesocosm study and a Phaeocystis mesocsm project in Norway. SRiMP duties include all areas of water sampling protocol.

SRiMP- Research Team Seniors

  • Aron Stubbins - Assistant Professor
          Analytical services: DOC, TDN, nutrients

  • Jay A. Brandes - Professor
          Analytical services: DIC, C and N stable isotopes

  • Jim Nelson - Emeritus Associate Professor
          Analytical services: POC and PON analyses

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