Microbial Imaging Lab

UGA Skidaway Institute Laboratory for Imaging Microbial Ecology, or LIME, is a state-of-the-art facility to view, classify, and enumerate microorganisms ranging in size from bacteria (1-2 µm) to small invertebrates (1-2 mm).

The equipment improves scientists’ capability to conduct field and laboratory experiments by automating many counting methods. Much of the equipment also has imaging capability so researchers can do more detailed measurements on the size and shape of the organisms and how that might relate to the health of an ecosystem.

Equipment in place:

Turner AU10 flurometer
A BD FACS Calibur flow cytometer
Satlantic Fluorescence Induction and Relaxation (FIRe) System
A FlowCam VS by Fluid Technologies
A ZooScan by Hydroptic
A Millipore Guava EasyCyte 10HT flow cytometer
A CytoSense scanning flow cytometer by CytoBuoy

The LIME is available for use by visiting scientists. For additional information, contact:

Dr. Marc Frischer
(912) 598-2308