R/V Savannah

Cruise Planning Documents:

2024 Ship Schedule
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Pre-Cruise Form  (Required to submit at least 15 days prior to cruise)
Berthing Bill
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Application for Educational Ship Days*

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Marine Superintendent – John Bichy – 912.598.2456 – john.bichy@skio.uga.edu

The R/V Savannah represents a state-of-the-art improvement in seagoing opportunities for Skidaway and for the southeastern United States. Acquisition of the R/V Savannah began with the search for funds in 1996, and culminated with the arrival of our new ship in September 2001. The R/V Savannah is owned and operated by the UGA-Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and is a member of the University National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) and Academic Research Fleet (ARF). The R/V Savannah is ideal for biological, chemical, physical, and geological oceanographic studies in estuarine and continental shelf waters throughout the southeastern US Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.


Length – 104 ft. (overall) Beam – 27 ft. Max Draft – 8 ft.

Cruising Speed: 9.0 knots

Endurance: 24-hour operations for up to 25 days of continuous at sea service

Accommodations: 16 science research personnel

Science Systems: T-RDI 300kHz and 1200 kHz ADCP’s, SBE 911 CTD carousel, SBE 21 Thermosalinograph, NOAA SCS data acquisition system, and full meteorological package with dual wind monitors

Communications: Fleet Broadband (FBB) satellite voice/data/email, NERA Fleet 55 satellite voice, DSC marine VHF radiotelephone, and cellular phone

A-frame: 12′ reach off stern, Vertical clearance 14′, horizontal clearance 13′, MPT 9,000 lbs.

J-frame: 9′ reach off starboard side, vertical clearance 12′, horizontal clearance 5′, MPT 2,000 lbs.

Crane: Palfinger Marine PK23500ME boom crane, MPT 2,000 at full extension (57 ft.)

Winches: (1) Hawboldt Multipurpose trawl winch – 1,500 m of 1/2 in wire rope or 3,000 m of 0.322 EM cable, (2) Markey COM-7-H-1 CTD winch – 1,500 m of 0.322 EM cable, and (3) Markey COM-7-H-1 Hydro winch – 1/4″ wire rope

Research Work Areas: Fantail work area – 606 sq. ft., Wet laboratory – 158 sq. ft., Dry laboratory – 308 sq. ft.

Much of the oceanographic instrumentation and scientific equipment aboard the R/V Savannah has been supplied through grants from the National Science Foundation.  For information about using the R/V Savannah, contact John Bichy at john.bichy@skio.uga.edu