Chemical Oceanography

Chemical oceanographers seek to understand the nature of elements and compounds found in marine environments. The sources, sinks, and distributions of the ocean’s chemical constituents impact primary productivity and marine food webs, natural resources, and global climate. Researchers at Skidaway Institute are experts in the study of carbon, nutrients, trace elements, reactive oxygen species, and stable isotopes.  At Skidaway Institute, we investigate these chemical species and their respective cycles to further our understanding of how the ocean functions.  Members of the chemical oceanography group at Skidaway Institute include:

Brandes lab – The Skidaway Institute Scientific Stable Isotope Laboratory (SISSIL), marine carbon and microplastics research

Buck lab – Trace element geochemistry

Some examples of Skidaway Institute research projects include:

UGA Skidaway Institute scientists to study aerosol dust’s impact on life and chemistry in the ocean

UGA Skidaway Institute scientists prepare for groundbreaking Arctic expedition

UGA Skidaway Institute researcher publishes paper on iron recycling in the ocean

UGA Skidaway Institute scientists investigate missing carbon mystery