Undergraduate Internships

Researchers prepare sensors used to collect physical and chemical data during oceanographic studies.

Researchers guide the RV Savannah’s water-sampling carousel over the side where it will lower through the water column collecting samples and recording data.










“The classroom is where we lay the foundation, but an internship at the Skidaway Institute provides the framework to build a career in science. Students work closely with faculty and may find themselves on our research vessel RV Savannah, marching through a salt marsh, or working with the latest in autonomous technology. We prepare interns for success in graduate school or wherever their career might take them.”  — Dr. Clifton Buck, Associate Professor

As part of the University of Georgia, training tomorrow’s scientists is a key part of the Skidaway Institute mission. Thus, our program provides students with research experience working alongside world-renowned marine scientists in cutting-edge research facilities. Our location provides easy access to coastal Georgia’s estuaries, marshes, and the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Skidaway Institute campus is located on Skidaway Island, a short distance from Savannah, GA.

Internship opportunities are available year-round, but the summer is the most popular season. At the end of the summer, interns present their work as part of our annual Summer Research Symposium. In addition, undergraduates at the University of Georgia can receive Experiential Learning credit. Further, they may be eligible to apply for an additional scholarship through the Office of Experiential Learning.

Skidaway Institute has a limited number of paid summer internships. The current summer stipend is $4,000 and on-campus housing is also available.

We encourage applicants to contact those faculty members directly to discuss opportunities for an internship. Therefore, interested undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to browse the research interests of Skidaway Institute faculty

An initial application should consist of a cover letter and resume. For additional information or to submit an application, contact our undergraduate education/intern coordinator. 

Dr. Clifton Buck, csbuck@uga.edu

Applications for summer internships are due at the end of February. Interested applicants should reach out to Dr. Buck at any time during the year.