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Research labs, listed below, occupy approximately 60,000 sq ft. on the main campus. An additional 12,000 sq ft. of seawater and freshwater culture/experimental facilities are also maintained.
 Realtime Data 
The Skidaway Institute Scientific Stable Isotope Laboratory (SISSIL) is able to analyze an extremely wide range of environmental samples -- a capability matched by no other lab in the Southeast.

The largest marine sciences library collection in Georgia, is housed on SkIO's campus with 6100 sq ft under roof containing holdings of 4000 book volumes and 17,000 serial volumes, over 110 journals, access to more than 300 databases and full-text resources available through the state's GALILEO internet network.
 Student & Visitor Housing 
Ten small apartments and cottages accommodate more than 150 visitors per year, with individual occupancies ranging from days to months. Visitors include students, faculty and staff from other University of Georgia System campuses and from other US research and educational institutions, as well as international students and faculty.

SkIO has received an NSF grant to build a 16-bed housing unit designed to support field research courses when needed, primarily during the summer, while being flexible enough to accommodate individuals and smaller groups for the remainder of the year. The new housing is intended to be part of a larger construction effort at the Institute, in order to provide much-needed classrooms, teaching and research laboratories for visitors and students. More information about housing at SkIO is available at
 Computer Information Systems 
The SkIO Computer Information Systems has personnel with over 20 years of IT experience. CIS has over 30 terabytes of data storage; high-speed optical networking between buildlings; campus wide wireless networking; an internally-supported email system; web hosting; ftp hosting; discussion group hosting. CIS has a complete disaster recovery system; support for Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux environments; network monitoring systems; centrally managed anti-malware and antivirus; automated server side user data storage; disk to disk data redundancy; and tape data backup for archiving.
 Campus Lan 
Modern gigabit campus LAN servicing SkIO, and other USG labs (University of Georgia, Georgia Southern and Georgia Institute of Technology) and federal partners (NOAA) and their faculty/staff in direct support of research, academic and administrative projects.
In keeping with the self-sustaining necessities of early Institute days when the only access was by boat, SkIO remains remarkably self-sufficient by maintaining the physical plant and grounds with in-house machine, carpentry, plumbing and electrical shops.

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