Links and Friends of the ZERO-C Lab

Code and Data Repositories

GitHub – ImageJ macros and R code for data processing

GRIID-C for Gulf of Mexico data



Collaborators and Projects

University of Georgia Coastal Oceanography & Biophysical Integrated Analysis (Dr. Brock Woodson)

IGB-Berlin Experimental Zooplankton Ecology Research Group (Dr. Jens Nejstgaard)

NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center (Dr. Frank Hernandez)

University of Louisiana-Lafayette Zooplankton Lab (Dr. Kelly Robinson)

Oregon State University Plankton Ecology Lab (Drs. Robert Cowen and Su Sponaugle)

U.S. Naval Research Lab (Stennis Space Center, MS)

CONsortium for COastal River-Dominated Ecosystems (CONCORDE)

Bellamare – designing and engineering of plankton imaging systems

Greeri – brother and creator of the lab logo


Websites about Zooplankton

Explore plankton diversity at Plankton Chronicles

Citizen Science at the Plankton Portal

Identify plankton from the UVP-5


Statistical and Image Processing Software

R packages for data science (Tidyverse)

Develop web applications with R and Shiny

R for community ecologists

ImageJ – image processing software developed in Java