The ZERO-C Lab Team

We are currently recruiting 1 PhD student to begin in Summer 2024. Please email Dr. Greer for more information!

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Adam T. Greer

Ph.D. Marine Biology and Fisheries, University of Miami

B.A. Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, Vanderbilt University





Graduate Students:

Patrick Duffy

M.S. Marine Sciences, University of Georgia, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

B.S. Marine Science, University of Delaware



Grace Mann

B.S. Marine Biology, Jacksonville University







Undergraduate Interns:

Mallory Jones (University of Georgia, June – August 2023)

Meredith Rice (Delta State University, Savannah State REU, June – August 2023)

Sarah Piña (University of Georgia, June – August 2022)

Lex Tur (Savannah State University, June – August 2022)

Hannah Kepner (University of Georgia, June – August 2021)

Bailey Lin (Georgia Tech, June – August 2021)

Lab Alumni:

Taylor Kilgore (graduated May 2023) – currently a Marine Educator at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Kyle Aaron (graduated December 2022) – currently an Assistant Marine Development Engineer at University of Rhode Island

Laura Treible (postdoc from June 2020 – December 2022) – currently an Assistant Professor at Savannah State University

Severen Brown (graduated May 2022) – currently a Research Scientist II at California Department of Fish and Wildlife