Skidaway Institute Seminar Series

Mike Sullivan writes: The new superintendent of Gray’s Reef National Marine, George Sedberry, will present the next program on the Skidaway Institute Seminar Series, on Tuesday, Sept 25, at 3:30 pm in the Skidaway Institute Library Auditorium. George will present a program on the “Charleston Bump” (That’s an underwater feature on the continental shelf —… Read more »


More sushi news

Mike Sullivan writes: Dick Lee’s black sea bass aquaculture project is back on the front page this morning. “The Skinnie” magazine gave it a nice spread in last week’s issue. (A sample photo, featuring research assistant Karrie Brinkley, is at left.) The Skinnie is a good-looking magazine targeted amost exclusively towards the 8,000 or so… Read more »


Atlanta, Politics and the Coast

Dr. Herb Windom is a professor emeritus at Skidaway Institute. Dr. Windom was the first scientist to join the faculty in the late 1960s and served as acting director of Skidaway Institute of Oceanography for several years in the late 1990s. He submitted the following entry. As the standard disclaimer goes — the opinions he… Read more »


A little Skidaway history

Mike Sullivan writes: I really don’t want to turn this blog into a series of book reviews, but I ran across another book with a strong Skidaway Institute connection. I was in the neigborhood library last week, looking for an audiobook for my next road trip to Atlanta. I saw “The Great Bridge” by David… Read more »


More on global climate change

Skidaway Institute’s Dr. Herb Windom has offered the following comment on “Global Climate — Comment and Reponse.” (See below.) Just to enter the fray on Rick’s side, I offer the following: The first research project in which I participated determined the age of the ancient corals which form the Florida Keys. The results, published in… Read more »


Summer Update

Mike Sullivan writes: The summer may be winding down but there is all kinds of activity at Skidaway Institute. The Board of Regents included our request for $1.2 million for marine infrastructure renovation in their capital FY09 budget proposal to the Governor and legislature. We had a similar amount in the budget proposal last year,… Read more »


New Mass Spec Lab

Dr. Jay Brandes, a Skidaway Institute faculty research scientist, writes: Stable Isotope Facility Update- We have been working with engineers from Thermo-Finnigan corp. to install a brand new isotope ratio mass spectrometer system in my lab these last few weeks. We are about ½ way through the install, with the gas chromatograph having been checked… Read more »


Why science is important

Mike Sullivan writes: I am about half-way through a pretty good book, “The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science” by Natalie Angier who is a science writer for the New York Times. I first picked the book up at a “new releases” table at Barnes & Noble and it intrigued me.… Read more »


Global Climate — Comment and Response

Skidaway Institute Professor Rick Jahnke’s letter to the editor on Politics and Global Climate Change (see below) produced a comment from a reader. Here is the comment and Dr. Jahnke’s response. tamino Says: August 3rd, 2007 at 9:04 pm   edit In what way has Al Gore “politicized” the discussion about global climate change? Exactly what… Read more »


Politics and Global Climate Change

Our associate director, Rick Jahnke, wrote the following as a letter-to-the-editor to the Savannah Morning News. We Need to Depoliticize the Global Climate Change Discussion Al Gore has recently raised awareness of global climate change but has also greatly politicized its debate. Unlike Mr. Gore, governments do not have the luxury of focusing exclusively on… Read more »