Cruisin' with some great teachers

Note: UGA Skidaway Institute professor Marc Frischer just completed a two-day cruise on board Skidaway Institute’s Research Vessel Savannah. The cruise was a mixture of science and education. We left the dock on Thursday evening, October 3, and cruised overnight to a station out on the shelf. Friday was spent hunting doliolids and other plankton.… Read more »


Berger's co-authors paper in Marine Biology

Stella Berger is one of the co-authors of a paper published recently in the journal, Marine Biology. The project studied the effect climate change has on the timing and magnitude of spring plankton blooms in both fresh- and saltwater ecosystems. The entire paper can be accessed at:  


A Day in the Life of a Citizen Scientist

Skidaway Institute volunteer scientist Nancy Tenenbaum recently travelled to Norway, to work with fellow Skidaway scientist Dr. Stella Berger. She described her experience in the form of a letter to her mentor, retired Savannah business leader and Skidaway Institute supporter,  Howard Morrison.        Dear Howard, Having had a few days to settle in here and… Read more »


Conference symposium scheduled to honor the late Peter Verity

Skidaway Institute professor Marc Frischer and Deborah Bronk of the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences are organizing a special symposium to honor the work and legacy of the late Skidaway Institute professor Peter Verity. The symposium will take place at the February 2011 conference of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) to be… Read more »


Skidaway campus open house a success!

We had a great open house on Saturday. Close to 2,000 braved the 88 degree heat and threatening rain to visit the campus  for Skidaway Marine Science Day. The event featured exhibits, programs and activities sponsored by the campus partners, including the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, the University of Georgia (UGA)Marine Extension Service Aquarium, the… Read more »