polar bears

Last Sampling Day – January 30, 2011

Mission almost accomplished!  We made it back out to our ice camp today to collect our third and final set of samples for this trip. I once again dared to ride the sled (and yes with Zac driving) because I wanted to take some video of the trip out there. However, this time I rigged… Read more »


Samples! – January 26, 2011

Dr. Marc Frischer continues his account of his research expedition to the north coast of Alaska. Today was the day. The weather was relatively mild (only -25 deg F); the crack seems stable; and everyone was ready to go. So, after a brief lesson in snow machine operations, we were off. Because of the ice… Read more »


Watch out for the polar bears!

Skidaway Institute research tech Victoria Baylor and grad student Zac Tait just returned to warm, sunny Skidaway Island from their first sample trip to Barrow, Alaska. Here is their account of their interesting trip. Our trip was part of our Professor, Dr. Marc Frischer’s, three-year project to study the effects of climate change (ie: global… Read more »