Tiny but all-consuming marine organism focus of UGA Skidaway Institute study

Doliolids are tiny marine animals rarely seen by humans outside a research setting, yet they are key players in the marine ecosystem, particularly in the ocean’s highly productive tropical and subtropical continental margins, such as Georgia’s continental shelf. University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography scientist Marc Frischer is leading a team of researchers investigating… Read more »



… to Skidaway Institute tech Tina Walters! She won a student poster award at the ASLO meeting held in New Orleans last month. The title of her winning poster is: MOLECULAR PROFILING OF ZOOPLANKTON GUT CONTENT USING PNA-PCR AND DENATURING HIGH PERFORMANCE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY (PNA-PCR-DHPLC) LaGina M. Frazier, Gustav-A. Paffenhöfer, and Marc E. Frischer all… Read more »


Friday April 29, 2011 – Moving Ice Camp

Today was another lab day, and although our special pipettes still hadn’t arrived we felt we had to go ahead and process our RNA samples.  During our first trip to Barrow last spring we had experimented with holding these samples until we got home before processing them. The results were not good, and so we… Read more »


Conference symposium scheduled to honor the late Peter Verity

Skidaway Institute professor Marc Frischer and Deborah Bronk of the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences are organizing a special symposium to honor the work and legacy of the late Skidaway Institute professor Peter Verity. The symposium will take place at the February 2011 conference of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) to be… Read more »