Politics and Global Climate Change

Our associate director, Rick Jahnke, wrote the following as a letter-to-the-editor to the Savannah Morning News. We Need to Depoliticize the Global Climate Change Discussion Al Gore has recently raised awareness of global climate change but has also greatly politicized its debate. Unlike Mr. Gore, governments do not have the luxury of focusing exclusively on… Read more »


Fishy visitors

One of our professors, Dick Lee, had some interesting visitors yesterday. They were international businessmen who are looking to get into the aquaculture (fish farming) business in one way or another. They were interested in learning more about Dick’s black sea bass project. Dick is one of our “emeritus professors” who has officially retired, but… Read more »


Hello, Blogworld!

This is a blog for the faculty and staff of the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography. We are a top-tier marine research laboratory in Savannah, Ga. Our scientists conduct research on a range of subjects, most of which are related to the salt water environment. Their travels take them all over the world. Hopefully, we can… Read more »