MACHERY-NAGEL team visits Frischer lab

U.S. and German representatives from lab equipment manufacturer MACHEREY-NAGEL visited Marc Frischer’s lab to conduct their yearly wet lab training on March 14.

Tina Walters played a key role with coordinating the logistical organization of the lab and ensuring the lab was equipped with the lab essentials to perform their practical experimental assays. Team members were able to utilize the provided lab space to learn more about new products for genotyping with multiple sample materials, high-throughput vacuum processing and advances in magnetic bead technology for environmental studies.

“MACHEREY-NAGEL extends its gratitude to UGA Skidaway Institute, Marc Frischer, Tina Walters and all staff members who coordinated to provide the lab space, materials, and support necessary to make this training session a success for the bioanalysis sales team,” said Azad Karimi, MACHERY-NAGEL’s southeast territory manager.

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