Semester@Skidaway students take first research cruise

The UGA marine science students in the Semester@Skidaway program took their first research cruise on board the Research Vessel Savannah over the weekend of Oct. 8-9. Professor Jay Brandes led the group which included five undergrads and two graduate students. They reported the cruise was a success. The weather was perfect and no one got seasick.

(l-r) Ben Lowin, Dillon Doomstorm & Sarah Belcher

Sarah Belcher tries on a Gumby survival suit.

Dillon Doomstorm, Ava Meier and Sarah Belcher deploy a CTD array to collect water samples.

Sunset at sea.

Night operations.

Kyle Aaron and Ava Meier in the wet lab

(l-r) Kyle Aaron, Aiden John Schuster and Jay Brandes on the work deck.

(l-r) Ben Lowin, Kyle Aaron, Sarah Belcher, Dillon Doomstorm, Taylor English, Aiden John Schuster & Ava Meier with an autonomous underwater vehicle or “glider.”

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