Barrow — Jan 16

16 Jan 2012 Ice conditions are still unstable.  Our UMIAQ support team spent the morning doing reconnaissance of our intended sampling sites. After yesterday’s efforts they suggested that since it might be dangerous, it wasn’t a good idea for anyone on the science team to accompany them. Because the ice is still forming and the… Read more »


Back to Alaska, a final trip…for now

Note: Marc Frischer and Victoria Baylor are back in Barrow, Alaska for their final research trip on their climate change project .  They will be blogging about their “adventures.” In this post, March Frischer writes. 13 January 2012 It’s back to Barrow again!  This will be our last trip of this project so it’s a… Read more »


Packing Up – January 31, 2011

With all our samples collected today was spent processing samples and starting the long process of packing up the labs. First, the two male students (Steve and Zac) hosted a pancake breakfast at their hut. They earned major brownie points is all I can say. Besides it being an excellent meal, it was nice to… Read more »