Summer interns experience first research cruise

On the weekend of June 11-12, UGA Skidaway Institute interns and grad students had, what for many was the first, opportunity to go to sea on a research cruise. They joined assistant professor Natalie Cohen on the R/V Savannah for a day-long research cruise. Interns helped with CTD sampling, sample filtration, sediment collection and more. They also got to see how a research vessel operates, practice safety procedures, and learn from the crew about what life at sea is like.

Marine superintendent John Bichy (right) instructs interns on the use of the CTD (conductivity-temperature-depth) array.

When not assisting on deck or in the lab, they observed marine fauna such as dolphins (See video below.) and flying fish and took in the views. This cruise was a first for many interns, and a fantastic opportunity to further explore field research and a career in the marine sciences. Thank you to Dr. Cohen and the R/V Savannah Crew for this incredible experience! – Sarah Pina

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