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Postcard from Finland

Editor’s note: UGA Skidaway Institute professor Jay Brandes and graduate student Kun Ma are on a three-week trip to a marine lab in Finland and sent this update. My graduate… Read more »


Microbe Discovery 2018

Fellow Microbe Hunters, Thanks for coming out to the 2018 Annual Skidway Marine Science Day Open House and participating in the Discover The Microbes Around Youactivity.  We’re delighted that you… Read more »


Sampling Cells on the High Seas

by Sean A. Ahoy from the North Atlantic! I am a University of Georgia graduate student in Elizabeth Harvey’s lab at UGA Skidaway Institute, and I study phytoplankton, the microscopic… Read more »


The coast is not so clear

Note: UGA Skidaway Institute director Clark Alexander is a co-author on the project described in this article. By Julie Cohen For nearly a century, the O’Shaughnessy seawall has held back… Read more »