Skidaway Institute receives research grant to study glacier carbon

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography researchers Aron Stubbins and Marc Frischer have been awarded a research grant from the National Science Foundation for $224,037 to study the origins of organic carbon in glaciers. Stubbins and Frischer are part of an international team working on the two-year project. Glaciers and ice sheets represent the second largest reservoir… Read more »


Back out on the ice cap

19 Jan 2012 Well fed and rested we were ready for another day on the ice. Because of all the uncertainty surrounding the ice conditions we are all trying to make the most of the opportunities we get. Today, in addition to collecting our normal samples, the Bronk team (Stephen and Rachel) are planning to… Read more »


The Alaska adventure continues

18 Jan 2012 Given the uncertainty of the ice conditions today was an evaluation and re-strategizing day. We began with a big meeting of all the science and logistics team members. We went over the previous day’s adventures and discussed options. Obviously we have come all this way to conduct our research, but we won’t… Read more »


Barrow — January 17

17 January 2012 We woke up a little late this morning after yesterday’s late night. Victoria and I met to go over plans for the day and to discuss the details of the experiment that we plan to start today. The experiment is a component of SSU graduate student Zac Tait’s thesis project. Zac couldn’t… Read more »


Barrow — Jan 16

16 Jan 2012 Ice conditions are still unstable.  Our UMIAQ support team spent the morning doing reconnaissance of our intended sampling sites. After yesterday’s efforts they suggested that since it might be dangerous, it wasn’t a good idea for anyone on the science team to accompany them. Because the ice is still forming and the… Read more »


Day 2 in Barrow

Marc Frischer continues his account of his and Victoria Baylor’s research trip to Barrow, Alaska. 15 January 2012 Today we again woke up early and began setting up our labs. Actually day and night are surprisingly similar around here. Victoria spent most of the day setting up our molecular lab in the BARC building. It… Read more »


Arriving in Barrow, Alaska

Marc Frischer continues his account of his research trip to Barrow, Alaska. 14 January 2012 This morning, we again caught a 6am flight. This time the flights took us to Fairbanks, Prudhoe Bay, and then into Barrow. As usual the scenery from the air was spectacular! After another 5 hours of flying we landed in… Read more »


Back to Alaska, a final trip…for now

Note: Marc Frischer and Victoria Baylor are back in Barrow, Alaska for their final research trip on their climate change project .  They will be blogging about their “adventures.” In this post, March Frischer writes. 13 January 2012 It’s back to Barrow again!  This will be our last trip of this project so it’s a… Read more »